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We assist you in navigating Business Law, Real Estate & Business transactions, and Commercial Litigation. Whether you are looking to start a business, protect your business or personal assets, create a family Estate Plan, or require assistance in navigating the Court system, we are here to help you reach the outcome you desire.

Business & Real Estate:

For businesses, we help create and preserve companies such as Limited Liability Companies, or Subchapter S Corporations, for profit and nonprofit corporations, and other companies like partnerships or sole proprietorships.

With real estate/business transactions, we help with the creation of purchase and sale agreements, landlord/tenant issues with leasing, and other kinds of business transactions.


For lawsuits involving businesses, debt collection, or land disputes, we advise our clients on the best course of action in gaining control.

Family Estate Planning

We also assist families in their estate planning through creating a Trust, Will, or both. By assessing every piece of land, property, business, and personal assets, we advise our clients on how to best protect their estate.