Estate Planning

We help you create the following:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Beneficiary Deeds
  • Warranty Deeds

It is important for families to have the proper protection in place for their assets. Each client has specific needs and concerns, whether it’s creating or amending a Trust, preserving a business, or finding alternative ways to avoid excess taxation. We offer expert planning guidance to tailor fit your specific Estate plan and Business needs.

Why create a Trust?

To avoid the Court system, it is necessary to create a Trust, that upon death, everything you own goes to the Trust, and the Trust is placed in the care of the designated Trustee. The Trustee will then make sure your beneficiaries are the only recipients of the Trust.  By designating everything to the Trust and determining your beneficiaries before death, this will ensure all of your property and assets will fall into the hands of your beneficiaries only.